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hello and welcome to BakeBook!
my name is evie, and i love to cook in my spare time. here are some facts about me.
  • i love baking most of all, and if i had to choose one recipe on this website to make for the rest of my life, it would be the Sweet Potato and Salmon Fishcakes
  • my all time favourite celebrity chef is Lorraine Pascale, who hosts the show Baking Made Easy, and Home Cooking Made Easy on BBC. i have both her books, as she is what got me into cooking, her recipes are delicious and really easy to do. in short- I WANT TO BE HER. and if you don't like her, i will judge you.
  • my favourite ingredient is cinnamon, and i love using it at christmas
  • im not a massive fan of capital letters so sorry if thats a problem!
  • i love coffee, and probably drink to much
  • i recently came across this american spread called marshmallow fluff (you've probably heard of it making me look a bit silly) and it is HEAVENLY.
so now you know who i am, please stick around to see some of my favourite recipes!
some of them are made up, some of them are from my favourite recipe books, and one or two of them are from my (as previously mentioned) favourite tv chef  Lorraine Pascale.