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victoria sponge

this is a basic recipe that you can dress up and alter in anyway. don't be confused by the use of self-raising flour aswell as baking powder, it really works and tastes delicious. a great cake to make on a lazy sunday morning but can be altered for a birthday or any other occasion!


Weigh out 4 large eggs. They should weigh around the 230g mark, this amount should be the same as the butter, caster sugar, and self-raising flour.
e.g. 4 eggs = 236g.
     236g soft butter
     236g caster sugar
     236g self-raising flour

2tsp baking powder
4 large eggs

Special Equipment:
2 x 20cm loose-bottomed sandwich tins
electric mixer


  1. preheat the oven to 180C (fan oven 170C), gas mark 4. cut 2 greaseproof paper circles, grease the tins with butter and put the circles inside.
  2. place the butter in a large mixing bowl, then  add the sugar, self-raising flour and baking powder. Crack the eggs one at a time and add them to the bowl. To make this into a chocolate cake add 2tbsp cocoa powder with 3tbsp of boiling water now.
  3. using the electric mixer on the slow speed, beat for 2 minutes or until smooth. The mixture will be soft enough to drop off the beaters when you lift them up.
  4. divide the mixture equally between the tins and level with a spoon or palette knife. Bake for 20-30 mins.
  5. the cakes are ready when they are risen and pale golden. The tops should spring back when lightly pressed. Cool for about two minutes and loosen the edges with a palette knife. Push the cakes out of the tins on their bases, invert them and remove the bases. Cool the cakes right way up on the rack.
  6. when cooled, decorate. see my recipe for buttercream icing, or use icing sugar on top and jam in the middle.